Camping Belgrade Avala is a result of the Camp owner’s multi-decade experience. Desire to help all campers who are traveling from Europe towards Greece, brought to the opening of a modern camping rest area “CAMPING BELGRADE AVALA”. This rest area offers highly needed comfort and security. Nevertheless, it is a perfect place for all travelers who wish to see Belgrade and Central Serbia, and that is the reason why multi day stays are available at Camping Belgrade Avala.


It is located on the regional route Belgrade-Mladenovac which stands parallel with highway E-70. This location makes CBA a ideal place as a rest area while traveling. Exiting via bypass around Belgrade you will save time (long hours at the highway pay toll) and money (shorter mileage on the highway).

CBA is located near the Avala mountain and it is in between wind roses, which brings a fresh air and comfortable temperatures, ideal for rest time.

Total size of the area is 15000 square meters and about half of it in use at the moment. CBA has 32 camp vehicle spaces and a separate tent ares.