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Camping Serbia

Although Serbia is well known for its urban, rural and spa tourism, the tradition of camping and enjoying the holiday under the clear sky should not be omitted. Still, camping in Serbia is not commercial so prices are budget friendly, and the country is beautiful and campsites in Serbia match European standards. That’s why people decide to go camping in Serbia – with its beautiful surroundings, Serbia is an ideal place for campers to spend their holidays and campsites offer different types of accommodation such as caravans, trailers, bungalows, tents, etc.

As for the choice, the bungalows are currently the most popular type of camping and they are a great combination of enjoying in both comfort and nature. Fairy-tale cottages with fresh mountain air, a riverbank or a lake suitable for swimming, are really the right places for a perfect holiday for all nature lovers. Different types of bungalows are spread all over Serbia and each one is characteristic in its own way.

For example, on one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, Zlatar, there are bungalows with tree names within the Ethno Village Vranesa. Ethno eco resort Vranesha, as the unique oasis of peacefulness, has been built in a dense pine forest that extends towards the lake of Zlatar. The very names of these bungalows provide you with a sense of beauty and fragrance of field plants characteristic for this region. Following the paths, you will also come into the sight where the magnificent view to Radoinjsko lake is.

Another campsite that contains this type of accommodation that stands out for its beauty is Camp Toma. Located within the National Park Djerdap, on the very bank of the Danube, it’s very attractive for fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. It has a small camping capacity with only 7 bungalows, but it has a mini-restaurant, regulated sand beach and field for volleyball and basketball. Close to the camp are Golubac city, Tumane monastery and archeological place Lepenski vir so you can explore Serbian cultural heritage.

Cheaper option, and for adventurers even a better solution for camping in Serbia, is camping in tents. Camping in tents has its own advantages and is different from every other type of camping. After a good log fire and barbecue, sleeping under a clear sky gives you a special sense of connection with nature.

One of the many beautiful campsites in Serbia is the Silver Lake Camp, located on the shores of the Silver Lake. This is also one of the oldest and largest campsites in Serbia and it is interesting that this camp has as many as 150 places for tents, which means that good time is guaranteed.

The other option is Sosuk, located close to the city of Sombor and in close proximity to the road leading to the border with Croatia and Hungary. This wide camping area offers over 100 pitches for tents and it is hidden from the city rush. There is a bicycle lane leading to the city center that is fully shrouded by a century-old Celtic occidentals alley. In terms of services they can offer a holiday on a perfectly maintained lawn and a nicely landscaped environment and in case of rain and severe weather they can accommodate your bicycles and motorcycles in an area with a roof, Wi-Fi, video surveillance etc. Other amenities that require a fee include a tennis court, a mini gym, a sauna and a salt-water pool.

Caravans (or simply vans) that are popularly called houses on wheels provide you with a home feeling at any moment, even though you are in a completely different place, away from your city. This type of accommodation certainly has its advantages and very little disadvantages as you are carrying everything with you. If you want to park your van somewhere in the middle of Serbia, the authorities probably won’t bother you, but it’s good to know the places that can provide you with water and electricity.

One of the suggestions for vans is an open camp Zasavica near Sremska Mitrovica. Although this is one of the smallest auto camps, it is also the most modern and well-equipped camp in Serbia, with a capacity of 42 camping lots. Natural beauties near the camp with the nature reserve of Zasavica can be experienced also by boat touring, with both boat and hiking tours.

The other interesting place is the Pipac camping site, located nearby the old road Subotica – Novi Sad. It is a unique camping environment with tennis fields, a small pool, and contents that make it interesting both for transit and longer stay tourism. This camp also has a good restaurant with a national and international kitchen. Special attractions of this Serbian area are wine consummation in nearby wine cellar called Vinum lodi, carriage tours, and a visit to the nearby homestead Katai.

In the end, as camping in Serbia isn’t yet overcrowded with tourists and the land is amazing, you can experience true connection with the nature and find many incredible places that have not yet been discovered. Whatever you decide, with a good company and a camping offer in Serbia that has good standards, you will certainly find something for yourself.

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